Church Leadership

We are an independent congregational church. We do not belong to any denominational organization. Church members vote our leadership into office. Members also vote on any ByLaw amendments proposed by the leadership, and vote to approve the annual budget as well as any buying or selling of property.

We elect a Board of Elders and a Board of Deacons to lead us. We follow the example of the New Testament church, as described in Acts chapter 6, and 1 Timothy chapter 3. Our spiritual leadership is a Board of Elders. Elders are individually examined by the congregation and elected to a four year term. They may be reelected to a second term. The Elders recommend to the congregation those they feel qualified for the Board of Deacons. The Deacons serve the physical needs of the church, so that the Elders may be devoted to the Word of God and the spiritual needs of the church.

One member of the Board of Elders is hired by the congregation as teaching elder/minister/pastor.