Men’s Fellowship

The conversations that we have at these outings are so encouraging and uplifting that the effects from our time together are felt for many days afterward. The Men’s Outings provide a unique opportunity for men to build Christian community and to strengthen their relationships. If you have not yet come to one of our outings, or are not a regular attender, we encourage you to become an active participant – for your benefit and for ours.

Dan Bruce, John Haas, Craig Hadden and I (Jeff DeDell) all work together to organize the FCCW Men’s Fellowship. When you see them, please give Dan, Craig, and John and pat on the back for a job well done, and for their continued commitment to building up the Body of Christ. They need your encouragement too!

If you have any questions or would like to join us, please email Jeff DeDell at

2018 – Mark Your Calendar

This is a quick listing of the activities that the FCCW Men’s Fellowship has planned for the first 6 months of the 2018 calendar year. Some of the dates are tentative (as noted), others are fixed, but this is generally the direction that we are headed in for the immediate future. Our hope is that with this amount of advance notice you will be able to put the dates on your calendar and plan around them. As always, your individual support and participation make these events worthwhile and meaningful for all of us.

Sat. February 3rd: Fellowship breakfast at FCCW.

– Hot breakfast of pancakes/bacon/eggs like we have done in the past.
– There will be a nominal fee for breakfast.
– Time has yet to be determined but will probably be from 8-11 am
– Speaker and topic are still being finalized

April 6th- 7th (tentative date): Overnight “camping” in a cabin.

– We are looking at securing a cabin, or yurt, at one of the places we have rented during the past several years, plus one new option.
– There will be a fee for food (two meals) and cabin rental
– The topic will be leadership and/or communication
– Our hope is that a non-winter overnight gathering will attract more men than a March event.

May 19th (tentative date): Men’s picnic

– Once we have the location secured the date will also become set, although the 19th is our preferred date- bracketed by Mothers Day and Memorial Day.
– Grilled meat will be offered by the Fellowship, everyone will bring side-dishes to share.
– This will be a two to three hour meeting sometime in the afternoon or early evening. May is a busy month and this will be a quick gathering.

June 22nd-23rd: Green River Reservoir trip

– The campsites #10 and #11 this year. These are to the NE of last year’s campsite #16. The old favorite, #22 is being “rested” for 2018 and the group wanted a different campsite than #16 that we had last year.
– Same setup as in previous years: arrive Friday night before supper and leave Saturday night before an early supper.
– There will be a fee for site rental and food (two meals).
– The campsite is rented until Sunday morning at 10am. Anyone who chooses can stay Saturday night and leave on Sunday. In 2017 4 men exercised this option.

July 21: Men’s Service Day
Contact Dan Bruce ASAP to sign up.

Saturday Sept. 8th: Breakfast meeting.
Note that this date is when the Maine Retreat would normally be held but it has been canceled for this year.

Saturday October 27th: Tentative Hike Day or 1/2 day hike
Hike with a Bible discussion on the trail somewhere. Email if you’re interested.

Saturday Dec. 1st: Breakfast meeting.
Bible discussion to follow.