Church Library

The Church Library is a storehouse of good reading and viewing material for all ages and tastes.

We hope that the spine labels and Dewey numbers provide enough guidelines to help you use the library.  Please feel free to ask any library committee member for assistance.

Displays of new books and DVDs can be found at the end of the shelf under the non-fiction shelves.  FCCW Library Collection Development Policy is also displayed.

The Library subscribes to Christianity Today and World Magazine.  Just inside the door on the right is a rack of old issues of magazines as well as the notebook for signing out magazines.    There are some old copies of Church History available for borrowing as well.

A list of books by author, as well as a simple description of how to borrow and return books and DVDs is located near the drop-off box just to the left as you enter the library.

We have a “freebie table” where outdated or duplicated books are displayed for the taking.  This includes books that have been donated which don’t comply with our needs.  People are encouraged to help themselves.

How To Use the Library

TO BORROW books, videos, or DVDs, remove the circulation card from the pocket on the inside back cover of books or the inside cover of the video or DVD.  Sign your FULL name and the FULL DATE (including the year) and place the card in one of the sign out boxes.  There is one attached to the display case in the hallway and a basket just inside the door to the library on your left by the Book Return drawer.

PARENTS:  Please supervise your children in the sign-out process.  Cards signed illegibly or just “Peter” “Jan” or “Cindy” with no other information impedes follow up on overdue items.

Books may be kept out for a month, DVDs for two weeks, but the sooner they are returned, the better so others can use them.  Thank you for your cooperation.

TO RETURN borrowed items, simply drop them through the slot in the Book Return drawer just inside the library door on the left. DO NOT shelve them or look for the card; that is the responsibility of the Library Committee.

PLEASE DO NOT DONATE BOOKS without first checking with a member of the Committee.  Our shelf space is very limited and we necessarily have to make stringent choices.

QUESTIONS? Please email