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FCCW Statement of Faith & By-Laws (PDF Document)

1. Overview and Goals
1.1. The Music Director supports the Pastor of the Church, who is the worship leader for the congregation. She or he takes direction from the Pastor to support the Pastor’s worship and teaching goals for the congregation. The Music Director also helps the Pastor lead the congregation in worship of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit consistent with the Church’s Statement of Faith. The goal of all Church music, instrumentation, and lyrics is to encourage the congregation to sing, to meditate, and to draw closer to the Lord, so that the teachings of the Church are reinforced through music. The Music Director does not perform, or encourage others to perform, merely to entertain an audience.

2. Duties and Responsibilities
2.1. Work cooperatively with the Pastor (or in the absence of the Pastor, a liaison appointed by the Board of Elders), to fulfill the schedule and goals for all worship services and the Music ministry.
2.2. Provide organ music at all worship services, including Sundays (both morning and evening services), mid-week services whenever applicable during the Christian year (e.g., Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Thanksgiving, etc.), and all special occasions where the organ is the primary instrument used.
2.3. Schedule vacation time other than during special services of the year, such as Christmas Eve, or the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
2.4. Schedule and train substitute organists for the Sundays when on vacation each year.
2.5. Oversee and lead the adult choir, children’s choir, and handbell ensemble.
2.6. Rehearse with and accompany any soloists, instrumentalists or choirs for any special music that is used in the worship services, which may include playing either the piano or organ.
2.7. Provide organ or piano solo works taken from Christian or classical piano or organ literature (including hymn arrangements) for the prelude, postlude, offertory, and other times during the worship service. Such music can also help the congregation transition between the offering, the children’s message, and the sermon, for instance.
2.8. Meet with and participate in devotional and prayer times with the Pastor, Board of Elders, and other leaders of the Church before worship services.
2.9. Assist the Board of Christian Education as needed, including leading the congregation and playing the piano with Christian praise songs or hymns for the opening of Sunday school each week (or filling in as a back-up if the BCE has already arranged for someone to do that) and providing music and assistance for the Christmas pageant or other events.
2.10. Provide organ music for all weddings and funerals and provide consulting assistance to wedding couples or families if requested.
2.11. Take responsibility for the general care of the organ and pianos, including the cleanliness of the areas around those instruments, ensuring they are covered and humidity controls are used, as applicable.
2.12. Recommend the tuning, maintenance, and repair of the organ and pianos at the Church to the Board of Deacons, which is the contracting authority for the Church. Oversee such tuning, maintenance, and repair work to ensure they are done by qualified persons and in a satisfactory manner and make recommendations about such to the Board of Deacons.
2.13. Recruit and work with instrumental or vocal music talent from the congregation for special musical offerings.
2.14. Present a proposed budget to the Deacons by October of each year for all anticipated expenses related to the Music Ministry for the upcoming fiscal year, including expenses for the tuning, maintenance, repair, or replacement of the instruments or handbells, sheet music, and any accessories related to the Music ministry.

3. Job Requirements
3.1. The Music Director must be a disciple of Jesus Christ, committed to the doctrines of the Church as set forth in our Statement of Faith, and growing in faith through practicing the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fellowship, Scripture study, corporate worship, and service in and beyond the Church.
3.2. The Music Director must be able to minister to the members of the congregation with and through prayer, fellowship, and Bible knowledge as one of the leaders of the Church.
3.3. The Music Director must be experienced with church worship and the use of organ and piano sufficient to play hymns and anthem accompaniments, including sight-reading of hymns from the Church’s hymnal and music requested for weddings or funerals.
3.4. The Music Director should have a high degree of competence on organ and piano, and the ability to accompany a congregation and individuals. The Director should have an adequate knowledge of Music theory, enough to modulate between keys, transpose at sight, and harmonize a melody.
3.5. The Music Director should have the sensitivity and ability to interact graciously with a variety of people.

4. The Music Director reports to:
4.1. The Pastor for direction and guidance on how to support the worship and teaching of the church, and for music, instruments, and lyrics used during or for worship services, weddings, funerals, and during any other Church events.
4.2. The Board of Deacons for all contractual, budget, maintenance and repairs of all instruments or music accessories, and compensation issues related to the Music Director’s employment.

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