Woodstock Christian Child Care Program Director



  1. Be a Christian role model at all times for staff, parents and children.
  2. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. (Deut. 6:5)
  3. Demonstrate love for children in a day to day dealings with them. Be patient and kind.
  4. Pray with and for staff.
  5. Pray for parents and children.

Program Director Responsibilities


  1. Report to the Board of Directors.
  2. Oversee and maintain day to day procedures of the school.
  3. Be familiar with and implement all state child care regulations, maintaining state license (annual re-application) and STARS (annual re-application).
  4. Maintain children’s files in accordance with state licensing regulations.
  5. Be aware of local social service agencies and Early Essential Education. Prepare referrals to and act as a liaison between agencies, parents and teachers. Do so in an appropriate and confidential manner.
  6. Familiarize parents and visitors with the facility and policies.
  7. Arrange for maintenance and repairs, as necessary.
  8. Oversee planning and implmenting of a well-balanced, Bible based, age appropriate curriculum.
  9. Provide assistance to parents in an appropriate manner.

Clerical & Bookkeeping:

  1. Maximize enrollment and coordinate with the Financial Administrator to maintain accurate records.
  2. Operate the school within a budget as prepared by the Program Director and Financial Administrator.
  3. Work with Financial Administrator in purchasing equipment and supplies.
  4. Prepare and distribute a monthly newsletter to parents and staff.


  1. Responsible for interviewing, hiring and terminate employees with Board of Directors and Deaconate approval.
  2. Maintain staff records in accordance with State regulations.
  3. Prepare written evaluations, annually, of all staff.
  4. Plan and implement services for staff and parents or provide information on local workshops.
  5. Supervise staff on preparing lesson plans and schedule weekly activity area times; inside and out.
  6. Plan and schedule monthly staff meetings.
  7. Be sure that staffer members. Be open minded. Work together with staff, rather than dictate to them.
  8. Be sure staff is aware of and understand policy and procedures.
  9. Arrange for substitutes as necessary.
  10. Work as a team member, provide assistance to staff when needed.

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